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Introduction to Patios

Outdoor areas have become a popular place for homeowners to entertain their guests, enjoy quality family time and watch the children enjoy their backyard games and toys. What better place to do so in your patio area. Patio areas are covered outdoor spaces which surround your residential homes front and back yards. They provide a private sanctuary for you and your family to enjoy. Patios are built out of various different materials and they can be any size or shape to suit your outdoor area’s needs.

Patios are a perfect addition to your home. They create enhancing features to your landscaping and home. Patios can feature many outdoor ornaments such as; fountains, planter boxes, statues and flowers. Garden patios also are not complete unless they are equipped with modern patio furniture.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture has evolved over the last couple of years. It has gone from basic tables and chairs to extravagant and fancy luscious settings. There are many types of patio furniture which homeowners can add to their patios they include:

  • Tables and Chairs
  • Benches
  • Umbrellas
  • Sun Lounges
  • Outdoor Lounges
  • TV Units
  • Braai Islands
  • Built In Bars
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Fire pits

Patio furniture will enhance the look of your patio, add character and provide a place for you to relax and enjoy the private settings of your own backyard. Patio furniture will not affect the flooring material of your patio.

Patio Flooring

The material you choose as your patio flooring will depend on what type of look and feel you would like to achieve. Most homeowners choose a flooring materials which they already have featured somewhere throughout their yard like a brick patio or a flagstone pool area to create a flowing appearance. There are many available patio flooring materials which range from:

  • All types of pavers.
  • Concrete and precast concrete.
  • Stone
  • Bricks

Each material is produced carefully and accurately to provide the best flooring surface for all types of patios. All patio flooring materials are weather resistant, slip resistant, scratch resistant and highly durable. They are also able to withstand heavy objects and heavy foot traffic. Stone and Concrete patios are becoming very popular nowadays.

Patio Styles

The style of backyard patio you may choose will highly depend on your tastes and the design of your home. Patios are generally built around the style of your home whether it is an odd shape or a common squared shape. One popular style which is commonly seen throughout many households is the dome styled patio. The dome styled patio is built with a pointed roof and large structural columns to hold it together. Dome patios are gorgeous and they can be built in any size whether its 4 meters wide or 20 meters wide.

Patios can be built to be free standing or adjoining to the home, they can also be open or enclosed. Patios which are free standing generally require more support whereas adjoining patios are supported by your home.

Patio Roofing

If you’re sitting outside your home in your lovely patio area enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous surrounding and your look up to the sky but all you see is your patio roof then you should consider having clear roofing installed. Most patio roofing materials are made from highly durable plastic sheets. By choosing clear roofing you will be able to gaze at the stars all night long. Clear patio roofing is UV resistant during the day time and they are heavy duty.

Homeowners are enjoying the benefits of the outdoors within the privacy of their own homes. Relaxing, hanging out with friends and families, watching the children play around and swimming in the pool are all ways what we enjoy in the privacy of our own homes. Patios are the perfect place to do all these things in comfort. Although sometimes the weather can be unpredictable so a covered patio sounds like the perfect choice. Covered patios are simply just patios with roofing which is generally associated alongside the home. They are also single structures if the patio is far from the home.

Covered patios are very beneficial and they allow homeowners to entertain even if it is rainy. If the yard gets too warm and sunny sitting in a covered patio will protect all from UV rays and warm weather. They also offer shade especially for smaller children or adults who do not like the sun. The shade provided by the covered patio will be immensely enjoyed by all users.

The Benefits of a Covered Patio

One major benefit of a covered patio is that they can be used as outdoor kitchens. Braai facilities can be housed underneath the covered patio and they too will be protected. This allows entertainers to cook outside whilst still enjoying the company of their guests. Covered patios will also add extra living space to your home. The privacy and serenity of the outdoors can be enjoyed all year round. Patio screening can help keep bugs and insects out of the covered patio during warmer months and the screening can be easily installed to the covered patio.

Existing patios can be covered through a simple process. Covering a patio is very beneficial. Having a covered patio featured on your property will also help increase the value of your home.

Cover Options

There is a wide variety of cover options for patios. There is also a wide variety of materials, designs and styles to choose from. Most people tend to opt for deigns and material which already have been used around the home and some opt for completely different designs and styles for a unique appearance. Patios can be covered even by using a large patio umbrella. This will create shade in only the area in which it sits.

Large umbrellas can be moved around according to the suns position, but they will not protect users of the patio during rain or stormy weather. Canopies made from canvas are also cover options for patios and they are inexpensive.

Awnings are now becoming popular especially the motorized models. This allows the awning to be opened or closed as required. These are great for those who use their patio all year round and love the sunlight and love entertaining in rainy weather where they are protected by the awning covered patio. Typical awnings which are not motorized and offer protection against wind, water, rain and sun are made of wood, aluminium, plastic and vinyl.

All types of patio covers must be able to withstand up to 150 km/ph winds as this is a requirement of the law and if the covering does not meet the standards it could cause serious damage to the home or people using it in the event of harsh weather. Umbrellas and canopies can simply be removed from the patio when not in use.

About Brick Patios

Most homeowners enjoy spending time outdoors in the comfort of their own homes with family and friends. What better place to do so than on your very own brick patio. Patios are outdoor areas which can be used for a number of reasons such as; relaxing, entertaining, watching the children and a place to sit on rainy days. Brick patios can feature and array of different decorative elements such as; pots and plants, patio furniture, statues, water features and braai facilities.

Choosing brick as the preferred material for the patio is great because it offers many colours, shapes and sizes. It can also be laid in a number of different traditional and modern patterns. The patterns used can help add to the patios stunning features and they can also make a small space seems larger.

Choosing the Right Brick for your Patio

There are various amounts of bricks which can be used to construct a patio. An important consideration should be thought through before purchasing is the climate and weather conditions of your immediate area. Brick patios in colder climates will go through freeze-thaw cycles constantly and the brick needs to be very durable to withstand this.

Traditional clay brick pavers are the perfect option for brick patios because they are traditionally made out of top quality materials and fired in a kiln to produce a hard strong durable brick for your patio. Clay pavers can be set in a sand base.

Brick Patio Shapes

If you are considering adding a brick patio to the outdoors of your home then get ready to enjoy some great times outdoors. Installing and designing is probably the hardest tasks of building a brick patio. The first step is to decide what shape and design you would like to achieve. If space is not an issue in your yard then try to get some ideas of the average size you would need by using patio furniture. Place the furniture in an area where you think the patio should be. Mark this space out and remove the furniture and see how large or small it actually is or if it is the right shape or size.

Brick Patio Designs

The overall design of your brick patio will depend on the size and how much free space you end up with. Patios can be designed to be covered uncovered, large, small or just simple. Design themes can be used in co-ordination with your landscaping and backyard or front yard themes and furniture can be used to create an individual and modern design. Cottage gardens surround patios can create an old world rustic feel and rustic furniture can be added.

Brick Patio Bases

The traditional method of a concrete base for bricks nowadays is being over turned by sand or gravel bases simply because concrete is getting too expensive. Sand and gravel bases are a great idea for patio bases. They are both flexible materials and if installed properly the bricks will not move or shift out of place. Using this type of base for your brick patio will save you thousands of rands.

Flagstone Patios

Flagstone is a building material which has been used in the construction industry for many years. It’s beautiful and rustic appearance makes it the perfect choice amongst homeowners who are looking to build a new patio, driveways or walkway. Flagstone maintenance is quite simple and the building material is simple to install. It’s a natural stone so it can be delicate to work with because of its thinness. If installed properly flagstone patios will last for at least 50 years and will be resistant to freeze thaw conditions, hot weather conditions and rainfall.

If you have recently purchased a new home or are thinking of renovating your existing home then consider installing a flagstone patio. Flagstone patios offer many great benefits both for decorative purposes and practical purposes. Outdoor patios can be covered or open and therefore the flooring material which supports the patio will need to be strong and long lasting as a flagstone patio would be. Parents can sit back and relax on their patios whilst watching the children enjoy playing outdoors. Stylish and elegant patio furniture can be added to create sitting areas. Family can entertain others outdoors on warm summer days and best of all homeowners will increase the total value of their homes.

Laying Flagstone Patios

Laying flagstone patios can be a difficult task. Flagstone is a very heavy material and the shaping of the stone is always irregular and laying it is like finishing a puzzle. Thicker pieces of flagstone should be used for the stability and sturdiness of the flagstone patio flooring. Flagstones can be laid directly onto sand and the joint should be filled in with mortar. They can also be laid onto a bed of concrete for further stability and long lasting effectiveness.

The Benefits of Flagstone Patios

One great benefit of flagstone patios is that the flagstone material used to construct the patio is a stone which is highly unique in every way. They are never the same shape or size and they create a highly individual and gorgeous setting. The colouring of the flagstone patio will be dazzling and matching furniture to it will be a pleasurable event for the whole family. Whether the size of patio is large or small the flagstone will complement the entire surrounds of your yard because of its natural rustic feel. Another great benefit of flagstone patios is that they are very low in maintenance and they can be sealed to ensure they last forever. If any damages occur the patio can be repaired simply.

Maintaining a Flagstone Patio

The maintenance of a flagstone patio is very simple and effective. If any harsh debris, leaves or dirt is seen on the surface of the flagstone patio then it should be swept off immediately to ensure they do not stain or mark the surface of the patio. Sweeping regularly will also remove dust and dirt which lays on the surface daily and can over time penetrate through to the actual flagstone. Chemical cleaners should not be used all the time because they will strip the flagstone of its natural colouring. Sealing can be done to further prolong the life of the flagstone patio and protect it from furniture scratches.

Stone Patios

A traditional stone patio is the greatest addition to ones yard to create a harmonized and relaxing place for the whole family to enjoy. Patios are great entertaining areas or they are great to enjoy your own company or even reading an interesting novel outdoors. Having a patio in the privacy of your own home is great and you won’t have to travel far to enjoy the fresh air and the beauties of your natural landscaping. Patios can be built from various types of materials other than stone. Stone patios offer a natural and unique appeal and they are very popular amongst homeowners.

Stone is available in a wide variety of types ranging from blue-stone to slate. Stone is very attractive and well known for its stylish colourings, unusual shapes and naturally textured surfaces. Stone when used on patios will end up with a smooth finish and flat surface if installed properly.

Fieldstone and River Rock Patios

Field-stone is the term which is used to describe rocks which have been removed directly from soil once a quarry or land site is cleared. Field-stone is very distinct and rare and can be difficult to lay because of the variations of thickness. Most masonry places which sell field-stone will cut the stone to one thickness to make the installation process a lot simpler. 5 cm to 10 cm is a good thickness for field-stone patios. They create a natural setting and will compliment all types of patio furniture and accessories.

River rock is the term used to describe water worn natural stones which are washed up on river beds or pulled out from underneath the river. They are highly unique and very individual stones which will never be matched by another piece of stone in colour or texture. They are both inexpensive compared to tile or paving stones and it can be a real challenge laying them out evenly. The texture is very rough and may need to be smoothed and flattened.

Stone Patio Durability

Stone is a very durable material and this is why it is the perfect choice for patios. It has a very distinctive look and can be transformed into formal stone patios or informal stone patios. Stone is a porous material and it is naturally quarried. Stone is able to withstand climate issues such as; rain, snow, flooding, heat and strong UV rays. Stone patios should be sealed to prevent chips, marks, scratches and stains. Sealing the stone patio with specially formulated sealants designed for natural stones will allow the stone to breathe and maintain its beautiful natural appearances for hundreds of years.

Stone Patio Colours

Generally all stone colours are considered to be of a grey tone, but natural stones have a wide variety of natural tone colouring which are very rare and cannot be matched by man-made colourings. The colouring you choose for your stone patio will depend on your preferences. A patio should always be of a darker tone stone because heavy foot traffic, food droppings and animals always cause common stains and they will go un-noticed. Lighter shades of colour look great but will stain and get dirty very easily.

Concrete Patios

Homeowners and their families seem to be spending a lot more time outdoors because of the relaxation benefits and the natural beauty of the home environment. A concrete patio is the perfect place to enjoy the privacy of your own outdoors. Concrete patios can be fitted with furnishings and braai areas which also make it a great entertaining area. Spending time outdoors is great and your patio can be transformed into a backyard resort. Homes which do not have a patio can simply be transformed and the addition of a concrete patio will add outstanding value to the property price and create a recreational and relaxing area for the whole family to enjoy.

Concrete Patio Designs

Patios can be designed in a number of different ways depending on the area of space the yard holds. Small patios can be constructed in the smallest areas and larger formal patios can be constructed on larger properties. Concrete is a great material to build the patio out of and it comes in a variety of different forms, textures, sizes and shapes. Poured concrete slabs are simple and effective but they can be a little plain. Concrete pavers are a great option as many patterns can be laid out and the pavers will be available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes to suit your design requirements.

Aggregate based concrete will offer a textured feel and appearance and this type of patio material will not be scratched or damaged easily. Concrete is an inexpensive patio material which is durable and sturdy. It’s designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and works well in lower climate areas. Homeowners can match just about any type of patio furniture with concrete because it is a very versatile material.

Concrete patios can also be stamped, stenciled or stained depending on your preferences. If you have existing concrete work around the yard you could blend it in with the patio to have an even and blended appearance. Small garden beds or timber surroundings can create decorative designed around the patio for an overall appearance of beauty and individuality.

Renovating Existing Concrete Patios

Many existing patios suffer from weather conditions because of heavy rainfall and freeze and thaw cycles. Water may get trapped in the patio and cause too much moisture underneath the ground making the flooring to shift. Concrete patios can replace old patios for a more modern and effective patio. Concrete slabs can be poured directly onto an existing patio flooring material and levelled off to have the patio above ground so it does not suffer from weather conditions such as; heavy rainfall. Any style of concrete can be used to renovate existing patios to achieve a fresh new look.

Planning a New Concrete Patio

A concrete patio should be decorated practically to become attractive elements of the yards landscaping. Most patios are shaped in a square or rectangular size which makes it easier to maintain the surrounding of it such as; doing the lawns. Firstly consider the size and area and mark out how big or small you would like the patio to be.

Backyard Patios

Homeowners from all over South Africa are spending more time outdoors in the comfort of their own homes. Backyards are been transformed into new living areas during all months of the year. The most popular part of the home to relax and kick back now is the backyard patio. Patios are becoming a great resort area which is enjoyed by all. A backyard patio can feature a great variety of furniture, braai, kitchen space, ornaments and outdoor heating to make this space comfortable and enjoyable.

Patios can be enclosed, open, connected to the home or in the middle of the yard. No matter what area the patio is in, it can be thoroughly enjoyed by all. Celebrating special occasions or sentimental moments at home with the family is truly special and what better place to do so than in your own backyard patio. Homeowners enjoying their homes are renovating or building a back yard patio as it is a great long term investment.

Patios can be built out of a variety of materials including: concrete, stone, timber, natural stone, bricks and clay. Roofing of patios can be kept clear so that users of the patio can enjoy the sky’s night view.

The Backyard Patio Kitchen

Most families enjoy meals which are prepared and cooked outdoors at the braai areas. Entertaining friends and families with a braai is very popular; it takes the hassle away of piled-up dishes in the kitchen area. Small or large patios can be transformed into patio kitchens with all the latest and greatest utensils. Braai islands are a perfect option for the patio. They are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate ones needs. They can be customized to suit the design and size requirements of your backyard patio. Some of the features which can be included in backyard patio kitchens are:

  • Braai facility
  • Bar Fridges
  • Bars
  • Wash Sinks
  • Coolers and Chillers
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Hot Stove Utility

All of the above mentioned elements can be installed as one piece to save extra space for furniture and other patio features. Customizing your own design featuring your preferred products will lead to a tasteful and unique design. The patio will become your own private cooking haven for all the family to enjoy.

Backyard Patio Heating

During winter spending time outdoors can be terrible, cold and uninviting. What better way to enjoy the outdoors especially in your backyard patio than investing in a patio heater. There is a wide variety of heating options available for outdoor patios. Table top patio heaters are very popular because of their compact size. They can be placed on a table and those who sit around the heater will be warm and comfortable. Outdoor patio fireplaces are also popular because of the warmth they offer. There are large or small types and they can be installed into enclosed or open patios. Potbelly domes are also popular because they offer natural wood fired heating. They are a great heating source and they are inexpensive. Your guests and family will enjoy partying at your place feeling comfortable with your patio heating.

Garden Patios

The garden is a mysterious place filled with luscious landscaping flowers, trees and shrubs. Ornaments can help add the final touches to a garden and create a tropical, classical or contemporary feel. Homeowners from all over the world nowadays are taking much pride and joy in their gardens which are leading to spending loads more time outdoors. The perfect place to sit and relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home is a garden patio. Patios sometimes are already installed on a property and homeowners have the choice of renovating or leaving as is. Garden patios can be built in amongst your properties garden to create a peaceful and joyful entertaining and relaxing area.

Garden patios can be covered, enclosed or in open space. Surrounding it with beautifully landscaped gardens will help increase the value of your property immensely. There is a wide range of garden patios accessories for homeowners to implement into the overall design for a flowing and unique appearance.

Garden Patio Benefits

There is a wide range of advantages which come with having a garden patio. Not only is it a relaxing place to retreat to after a hard day’s work but it is also the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion with family and friends. Add some stylish patio furniture for your guests to enjoy and during the winter use a patio heater to help keep them feeling warm and enjoying themselves. Another benefit of having a garden patio is the overall property price will increase.

Garden Patio Accessories

There is a wide range of accessories which can help transform your patio into a stylish, entertaining and unique area. Homeowners have the choice to blend in the patio accessories with the surrounding garden accessories to create a delightful and garden theme design. Accessories which are very popularly used in garden patios include the following:

  • Statues
  • Water Features
  • Heating
  • Table Top Ornaments
  • Plants and Flowers
  • Pots and Urns
  • Furniture
  • Umbrellas
  • Patio Kitchens

Patio accessories are made out of durable and weather proof materials. Concrete, clay, iron, aluminium and natural stone are some popular materials which are used to construct patio accessories. Water features in the garden will offset the patio and those who sit by the patio will feel relax by the sounds of the soothing garden water feature.

Garden Patio Renovation

If your existing patio is looking a little run down or just out of date, then it may just need a lift, try renovation. Renovating your existing patio will help revive the patio. The first step to renovation is to decide what exactly the overall design you wish to achieve.

Plan out and draw images of how you wish the patio to look. Flooring is the first step to renovating a patio. There is a wide range of patio flooring products such as: concrete, stone, timber, bricks, natural stone and clay. While you are planning, decide whether you will need to upgrade your furniture or simply clean up the old ones.

Renovating the garden patio will be a fun and enjoyable process only to be enjoyed in the end by the whole family. The new living space will be a winner to all.

Enclosed Patios

A patio area is described as an outdoor living area which in some cases is built onto a residential property or it is freestanding in the yard. Patios are a great outdoor area which can be used for a variety of reasons: celebrating special occasions, watching children play in the yard, and having family meals and enjoying the view of your garden landscape are just a few. The patio is the perfect retreat especially after a hard stressful days’ work. More and more homeowners are spending time outdoors rather than indoors and the patio seems like just the perfect place.

Patios can be enjoyed all year round. But during winter it can be a bit terrible outdoors especially when it is bitterly cold. An enclosed patio can still be enjoyed all year round as it is enclosed and will keep homeowners warm and out of the cold and rain, whilst still enjoying the great benefits of their patio. Enclosed patios can also be sun rooms during the summer time as they will put a roof over the family heads protecting them from the sun’s harmful UV Rays.

Enclosed Patio Benefits

There are many reasons why enclosed patios offer great benefits. One of these benefits includes the protection and shelter they provide. Enclosed patios have roofs, walls and floors and homeowners will be protected from wind, rain and sun. Although it may seem like another indoor area, in fact most enclosed patios are built with large windows which still enable you to see directly into the yard and feel as if you are sitting out there.

Stylish lounges and table and chair settings can be placed into the patio for comfort and sitting areas. The furniture will never be damaged by the weather and they will last forever because they are in an enclosed and protected area. Patios which are enclosed are also beneficial for homeowners when they are having parties even if it is rainy or windy during the day. Everybody will feel comfortable and still enjoy the view and serenity of your landscaped garden.

Enclosed Patio Materials

Enclosed patios can be built from scratch. Existing patios can be transformed into enclosed patios by simply renovating and adding roofing, walls and windows. There are a few materials which are used to construct these patios and they include:

  • Aluminium
  • Vinyl
  • Timber
  • Bricks

Each material is of high strength and superior durability and they are weather proof. They are expected to last for over 20 years and the metal components used to put together the patio materials are rust free. They are available in a wide variety of designs, colours, styles and plans to best suit your property’s needs.

Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped concrete is most commonly known as a patterned and imprinted concrete which is purely designed to resemble flagstone, brick, slate, wood and tile. The materials are most commonly used on applications such as patios, driveways, walkways, pool areas and entries. There is a wide array of designs, colours and patterns to select from. It is an inexpensive material which will replicate natural stones which are very expensive. Stamped concrete is a highly durable, weather proof and long lasting material which is highly recommended for patio applications.

Stamped concrete patios are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners who are building, renovating or updating their homes. Stamped concrete will blend in nicely with other surrounding materials which are near the patio, in the landscaping or around the garden. Stamped concrete is the perfect option for your patio flooring as the concrete is a canvas and some extraordinary designs can be achieved to transform your patio into a stylish and delightful design. One of the great advantages of using stamped concrete is the cost.

Stamped Concrete Patio Patterns

Concrete is a very flexible material which can be designed to look a whole lot of different ways. The colouring and patterns of the stamped concrete can replicate patterns such as the common paving patterns which include: running brick bond, hexagon tile, diamond parquet and irregular stone patterns. The style of pattern you choose for your patio can easily transform the appearance of the patio. Small patios should be stamped with a larger more freely flowing pattern, larger patterns will enhance the patio and make it seem a lot bigger than what it really is.

Large patios should be stamped with smaller closer together patterns to make the space seem smaller and not too busy in design. Homeowners can customize their own pattern designs to suit the requirements of their design choice and patio. Several patterns can be incorporated into one patio area.

Stamped Concrete Patio Sealers

Maintaining a stamped concrete patio is simple, effective and easily conducted. Concrete is a very versatile material which makes it easy to take care of. The patio can be sealed to protect the concrete by using specific concrete sealers. Sealers will offer a coating for the concrete and highly protect the material from damages. There are different sealer textures available to suit ones needs. Some of these include: high gloss, flat gloss, clear coating, dry coating and clear shine gloss. Sealing of a patio should be done every 2 to 3 years. Sealing will not affect the colouring of the concrete it will only keep it as vibrant as when first applied for many years ahead.

Maintaining Stamped Concrete Patios

The maintenance of a patio is very important to ensure that the concrete is always cleaned and in good condition. Poorly kept concrete patios can result in damages, stains and affected areas of the patio. The patio should be rinsed free of debris and dirt by using a garden or pressurized hose. Dishwashing soap can be applied to a bucket of warm water and it can then be scrubbed thoroughly with a garden broom or by using a patio cleaner which is electronically operated.

Make sure the bristles of the broom are not metal as they will scratch the surface of the floor. Rinse the soap off the concrete until the soap is washed away. Leave the surface to dry for at least 24 hours before using again. This process should be done on a monthly basis to ensure the concrete stays unstained and presentable for your stamped concrete patio.

Outdoor Patios

Homeowners follow fashion trends with their garden landscape just as we all follow the fashion trends of clothing. Some things are in and some are just out. These days the latest trend seems to be spending loads of time outdoors in the privacy of our own homes. So in order to be comfortable and entertained in the outdoors outdoor patios are the perfect place for entertaining guest, enjoying family meals, having special occasion parties or simply a small retreat to enjoy some fresh air after a stressful and long day at work.

Outdoor patios can be built onto residential properties if the property does not have an existing patio. Most modern homes have an outdoor patio drawn up with the plans for the home. Whether it is a small patio which is covered or a large patio in the middle of the backyard adjoining the pool area it is still an outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

Outdoor Patio Flooring

Patio flooring needs to be durable, hard wearing and long lasting. It needs to have these elements because an outdoor patio is a space which has to put up with heavy foot traffic on occasions, furniture and other patio features. There is a wide selection of masonry materials which can be used as outdoor patio flooring. Here is a list:

  • Concrete Pavers
  • Clay Pavers
  • Stone
  • Natural Stone
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Brick Pavers
  • Rubber Pavers

Each material is made of the finest quality products which is very beneficial to homeowners. These patio flooring materials are inexpensive and can be purchased within the requirements of your budget whether you are renovating or building a new patio.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

No patio is complete without a full range of furniture to kick back and relax in. Patio furniture is stylish and helps complete the overall appearance of the outdoor patio. There is a wide range of modern and antique styled patio furniture for homeowners to use in their area. Patio furniture is also designed with practicality in mind so there is patio furniture which is designed for patios of a small space and there are designs made for larger areas. Tables, chairs, benches, lounges, umbrellas, and much more are all types of patio furniture which can be used on your property.

Outdoor Patio Features

Once furniture has been implemented into your patio design it then can be spruced up with various types of patio features. Patio features can help to create focal points in small or large space and they can even enhance the furniture of the patio. Features can also help define a space or brighten up a dull area of the patio. Here is a list to get you started:

  • Potted Plants and Flowers
  • Planters
  • Urns
  • Water Features
  • Water Fountains
  • Table Top Accessories
  • Outdoor Fireplaces or Heaters
  • Braai equipment
  • Hammocks
  • Statues

It is common sense not to overload your outdoor patio with too many features as it can get to crowed and over accessorized. A few simple features will add charm and character to any outdoor patio whether it is covered or not.

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